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Tatar-Bashkir Report: April 1, 1999

1 April 1999
Shaimiev Against Russian Military Aid For Yugoslavia
Tatar President Mintimer Shaimiev spoke sharply against Russia providing military aid to Yugoslavia as was proposed by several senators at a session of the Federation Council on 31 March in Moscow. He said Russian involvement in the Yugoslav conflict would bring unforeseen consequences.

The same say, Shaimiev met with the chairman of Russia's Central Bank, Viktor Gerashchenko, and the president of the Lukoil oil company, Vagit Alekperov, Tatar-inform reported.

Deputies Want Greater Control Over Activities Of Tatarstan's Representatives
Gelii Kobelev, the chairman of the State Council's Budget and Finance Commission, said deputies should be given greater control over the activities of Tatarstan's ambassadors. Kobelev made his comments at a meeting of Tatarstan's top representatives from Russian regions, CIS countries, and abroad on 31 March. State Council deputies were also present. It was reported at the meeting that of all "outside" investment in Tatarstan, just some 10 percent comes from the countries and regions where Kazan has representatives. Deputies suggested that a special law be passed that would regulate the activities of Tatarstan's permanent, plenipotentiary, and trade representations, Tatar radio and television reported.

Political Parties Prepare For Duma Elections
Aleksandr Salii, the leader of Tatarstan's Communist Party, said seven candidates were proposed from the republican party for State Duma elections to be held in December. Salii said at a press conference on 31 March in Kazan that Tatarstan's Communist Party intends to allocate some $200,000 for the elections. He said that "the money was earned by the 'red' enterprises at which we established our control, our influence." Commenting on the failure of a communist candidate to gain election to Tatarstan's State Council during the 28 March elections, Salii referred to "infringements" on the law and appealed for the Supreme Court to declare the elections invalid. Alla Gabutdinova, the leader of Tatarstan's branch of Our Home is Russia (OHR), said it is necessary to change the working style of the organization. Gabutdinova made her comments at the third conference of Tatarstan's OHR, Tatar radio reported on 31 March. The conference discussed the issue of how to regain offices lost after former Premier Viktor Chernomyrdin's departure from the Russian government. In April, representatives from Tatarstan will participate in a nationwide OHR congress.

State Assembly Heads Elected In Bashkortostan
Bashkortostan's newly elected State Assembly (elections were held on 14 March) held its first meeting, Bashinform reported on 31 March. The Legislative Chamber consists of 30 deputies working on a permanent basis. The parliament's upper body, the Chamber of Representatives, includes 144 deputies. Deputies elected the heads of the State Assembly, with Konstantin Tolkachev named the chairman of the State Assembly and its upper house, the Chamber of Representatives. Tolkachev, 46, was head of the Ufa law institute in the Russian Interior Ministry. Fanis Amerov, a deputy and former committee member of the Legislative Chamber, was elected deputy chairman of the State Assembly. He will also chair the Legislative Chamber.

Compiled by Gulnara Khasanova