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Tatar-Bashkir Report: April 16, 1999

16 April 1999
Shaimiev Seeks To Curtail Cancer Cases
Tatar President Mintimer Shaimiev met with the director of the Moscow Oncology Institute, Valerii Chasov, on 15 April. The two discussed the possible measures that could be taken to contain the increasing number of cancer cases in the Republic of Tatarstan. The republic's launched an anti-cancer program in 1995 that provided free medication to people suffering from cancer. Shaimiev acknowledged the insufficient abilities of the republican oncology center, saying that the "growing cancer problem" is exacerbated by the "difficult working conditions at the center." He said Tatarstan would "get this problem under control" despite a significant lack of funds. Tatarstan's minister of health stated the same day that necessary the center would be expanded to enable it to care for more patients.

Cabinet Of Ministers To Step Up Fight Against Crime
The republican commission on social security in Tatarstan held a meeting on 15 April to discuss ways or preventing panhandling, the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers reported. Tatarstan's deputy prosecutor, Vladimir Metelin, said at the meeting that about 4,000 panhandlers were known to be operating in the republic in 1998. Reportedly 70 percent of all murders were committed by mendicants in the same year. Some 17 percent of total felonies (380) were perpetrated by members of this social group. About 300 of the beggars were teenagers. The commission agreed to develop a plan that would involve the executive bodies of the republican government in fighting crime amongst the transent population.

Some 500 People Still In Flooded Areas
Three villages in the Apas and Elke regions of Tatarstan are still flooded, the republican press reported on 16 April. Reportedly over 500 people are cut off from telephones and roads. A rescue team from Tatarstan's Ministry of Emergencies is supplying food and boats to plagued villages.

State Council Schedules Its Next Session
Tatarstan's State Council presidium scheduled the next session of the republic's parliament for 26 May. The agenda will reportedly cover a wide range of issues, including the development of Tatar-speaking television broadcasts and establishing a Tatar State University. According to Tatarstan's Cabinet of Ministers, the latter project, initiated in 1995, is currently on hold due to a lack of funding.

Compiled by Iskender Nurmi