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Tatar-Bashkir Report: July 3, 1999

3 July 1999
Prices Of Dairy Products Liberalized
Although industrial production in the Republic of Tatarstan has grown 3.6 percent so far in 1999, President Mintimer Shaimiev told a meeting of industrial enterprise directors on 1 July that there had been a reduction in the prices of butter, dried milk, and other dairy products that has caused the food industry to suffer significant losses. Because of this, Shaimiev announced a "liberalization" in the prices of dairy products with prices rising by an average of 17 to 20 percent. Earlier in the day, Tatarstan's Cabinet of Ministers reportedly increased payments to the poorest segment of the population.

Morozov Calls For Closer Interaction Of Blocs
The coordinator of the Vsya Rossia electoral bloc, Oleg Morozov, told Interfax that "there could not be several regional blocs, and that two of them--Golos Rossii and Vsya Rossia--are destined to cooperate during the [Russian] parliamentary elections." Morozov added that "In this case, Vsya Rossia can count on assuming the role of the second major faction in the Russian Duma." Morozov spoke of the need to establish broader cooperation between Otechestvo and the Nas Dom Rossia movements.

Kazan Aircraft Plant Reviving Production
The Kazan Aircraft Plant (KAP) received an order for the production of one Tu-160 strategic bomber from the Russian Defense Ministry and might get an order for another one, the general-director of KAP, Nail Khairullin, told a meeting of KAP industrial heads on 1 July. Kap is currently diversifying its production by producing IL-62s for leasing, as well as producing and repairing trolleys for the Kazan city administration, republican press reports. During the meeting, KAP directors expressed a willingness to aid in the production of Chevrolet Blazers and Opel Vectras at the YelAZ-GM joint venture by manufacturing some of the vehicles' parts.

On the same day, President Shaimiev said that the major activity of KAP should remain the production of the long-range Tu-214 passenger aircraft. Shaimiev said he considered it possible that Tatarstan's Airlines would lease two of these models next year.

Compiled by Iskender Nurmi