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Tatar-Bashkir Report: July 16, 1999

16 July 1999
Tatarstan's Government Pledges To Pay Wages On Time
Beginning in August, Tatarstan's government said it will begin making scheduled wage payments to state workers, a republican Treasury Department official in the Bua region said on 14 July. Tatarinform also reported that the government paid social security payments for July on time. Currently, state employees are owed 76 million rubles by their employers. The regions of Alexeevsky, Elmet, Etne, Minzele, Muslim, Sarman, Tetesh, Tulyach, and Cheremshan have managed to pay off their entire debts, a Ministry of Finance official told the republican press on 14 July.

Khamadeev Elected Mayor Of Chally
Rashit Khamadeev was elected by the Chally City Council to be mayor of Tatarstan's second city on 15 July. He is thereby also the chairman of the City Council. Khamadeev was elected to the council after having won 94.6 percent of the votes in his district. The general director of the KamAZ automotive works, Ivan Kostin, and the general director of the KamGESenergostroy company failed in their election bids due to a low voter turnout. Khamadeev was appointed an acting city administration head by a republican presidential decree in April.

Federal Tax Police Chief Praises Tatarstan's Fiscals
Federal Tax Police Service Director Vyacheslav Soltaganov arrived in Kazan on 15 July, Tatarinform reported. Soltaganov told correspondents that he arrived to meet with officials from Tatarstan's Tax Police and for a conference with 12 regional tax police chiefs from the Volga region. Soltaganov said Tatarstan's Tax Police have always been among the most efficient in Russia.

Tatarstan Boosts Economic Cooperation With Yaroslavl
Yaroslavl Governor Vladimir Kovalev signed a treaty on economic and cultural cooperation with the Tatarstan Republic in Kazan on 15 July. During a meeting with Tatar Prime Minister Rustam Minnikhanov, Kovalev said his region would like to share Tatarstan's experience in regulating the repbulic's financial system. Kovalev said he was interested in Tatarstan's oil and aviation industries.

Compiled by Iskender Nurmi