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Tatar-Bashkir Report: July 28, 1999

28 July 1999
Shaimiev And Luzhkov Hold Talks
Tatar President Mintimer Shaimiev and Moscow Mayor Yurii Luzhkov discussed the possibility for cooperation between Vsya Rossiya and the Otechestvo political movements at a meeting in Moscow on 27 July, Tatar media reported. Tatar Radio cited Luzhkov as saying after the meeting that the political aspects of the movements' common activities in electoral campaigns were discussed. Luzhkov said that economic cooperation between the two regions, specifically regarding oil and food deliveries, was also considered. Shaimiev said that consultations on an association between Vsya Rossiya and Otechestvo were continuing but that the matter was not easily resolved. Shaimiev said that he isn't the only leader of Vsya Rossiya and that he cannot make statements on its behalf.

Shaimiev Says Regional Leaders' Activity Lawful
Tatarstan President Shaimiev said that activities by the leaders of the Russian territorial entities which head political movements are not unconstitutional, as the federal government has implied. Shaimiev made his comments in an interview with Interfax on 27 July. Shaimiev was replying to critical statements made by Federation Council speaker Yegor Stroyev, who said several times that the governors who participate in electoral activities violate aspects of the Russian Constitution. Shaimiev said that instead of accusing governors, Stroyev should meet with them and discuss such possible controversies. Shaimiev doesn't agree that the creation of regional associations reinforces separatist feelings. Shaimiev said that the creation of regional associations is aimed solely at ensuring a constructive majority in the next State Duma.

Vsya Rossiya To Hold Second Congress In Ufa
The second congress of the Vsya Rossiya (All Russia) political bloc will be held in Ufa on 21 August, Bashinform reported. The congress will adopt a charter and a platform, develop tactics and an electoral strategy for the State Duma campaign later this year. Representatives from several other Russian parties and political movements, and the heads of Russian regions will also participate in the congress. Vsya Rossiya was organized on the initiative and with the support of the presidents of Tatarstan, Bashkortostan and Ingushetia, Mintimer Shaimiev, Murtaza Rakhimov, and Ruslan Aushev, respectively; as well as the governors of several Russian oblasts, among them St. Petersburg's Vladimir Yakovlev. The bloc's first congress was held in St. Petersburg on 22 May.

KamAZ Delivering Trucks To Yugoslavia
The KamAZ truck concern has resumed deliveries of trucks to Yugoslavia, Tatar-inform reported on 27 July. A shipment of some 40 dumptrucks has already left Tatarstan for Belgrade and over the next two months, 50 more will be delivered to the Balkans, including to Kosova. The trucks are aimed at helping to revive the Yugoslav economy. KamAZ Deputy General Director Anatoly Samarenkin told Tatar Radio that several other contracts with Yugoslavia are being discussed.

Compiled by Gulnara Khasanova