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Tatar-Bashkir Report: August 2, 1999

2 August 1999
Negotiations Between Vsya Rossiya And Otechestvo Continue
Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov said on 31 July that negotiations on cooperation between the political movements Vsya Rossiya (All Russia) and his Otechestvo are nearly concluded. Radio Rossii quoted Luzhkov as saying that he looks at the consultations with optimism and considers them to be successful. Asked whether it is possible that former Prime Minister Yevgenii Primakov would head the new formation, Luzhkov said that "Primakov is a desirable person for numerous political organizations, and first of all, for our bloc which is [still] being formed." Vsya Rossiya will consider a consolidation with Otechestvo at a session on 3 August, Tatar Radio reported.

Opposition Leaders End Hunger Strike
The leaders of 15 opposition political parties and movements ended on 30 July a hunger strike they began 12 days earlier near the parliament building in Kazan, Tatar Television reported. The strike was held to demand the continued basing of elections by party lists and for local administrative heads to be banned from running for seats in Tatarstan's State Council. Participants in the hunger strike said on 30 July that they had finished the first stage of their struggle even though they failed to achieve their aim. The next stage will reportedly include meetings and demonstrations, some of which are to be held in Moscow.

International Conference On Turkic-Slavic Studies To Be Held In Kazan
An international scientific conference on Turkic-Slavic studies will be held in Kazan in October, Tatar-inform reported. Preparations for the conference were discussed by Tatarstan's permanent representative in Moscow, Nazyf Mirikhanov, and Kazakhstan's ambassador to Italy, Olzhas Suleimenov. Among the conference organizers is the president of the Russian Fund of Culture, Nikita Mikhalkov.

Interkamabank Becomes Aq Bars Bank Affiliate
The profitable commercial Interkamabank of Tyben Kama became the 45th affiliate of Kazan's Aq Bars Bank, Tatar Television reported. The decision was made at a joint meeting of the banks' shareholders in Tyben Kama on 30 July. More than 250 representatives of Interkamabank voted unanimously in favor of the affiliation. Tatarstan's speaker, Farit Mukhametshin was reelected the chairman of the Aq Bars Bank's Observers Council. Tatar Radio cited Mukhametshin as saying that unification will be profitable for both banks. A different opinion was expressed, however, by the head of Tatarstan's National Bank, Yevgenii Bogachev, who said in an interview with Tatar Television that the unification "is a suicide."

Compiled by Gulnara Khasanova