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Tatar-Bashkir Report: August 26, 1999

26 August 1999
Shaimiev Says Fatherland--All Russia Bloc Will Be Registered
Tatarstan's president, Mintimer Shaimiev, said on Tatar Television on 25 August that there will not be any problems with the registration of the Fatherland--All Russia electoral bloc. He said the founders and organizers of the bloc thought the matter over long ago. Shaimiev added that congresses of the organizations constituting the All Russia movement preceded the All Russia congress held last weekend in Ufa. He said the same process was followed by the Fatherland movement. Shaimiev said the organizations that make up All Russia and Fatherland may unite, and that then no possible legal problems would exist.

Minnikhanov Meets With Business Leaders
Tatarstan's premier, Rustam Minnikhanov, met with Russian and foreign businessmen in Moscow on 24 August to discuss the delivery of gas and agricultural machinery to Tatarstan, the republican representation in Moscow reported. During negotiations in the Agriculture and Foodstuffs Ministry with the heads of the Rosagrosnab company and representatives of the U.S. company Hematon, the conditions and terms of leasing agricultural machinery by Tatarstan were discussed. Minnikhanov also met with heads of the Mezhregiongaz gas transporting company for talks on various issues.

Bread Prices To Rise
Tatar President Shaimiev said that an increase in price of bread in Tatarstan will be accompanied by additional measures aimed at increasing the social net of services for the republic, Tatar Television reported. Shaimiev made his comments in conversations with residents of Kazan on 25 August. Shaimiev said that the increase in bread prices is unavoidable. He said "we will not manage to keep current prices for bread while [in neighboring regions] they are two or three times higher. We [have to deal with the] large-scale export of bread from Tatarstan." Shaimiev said that it would be better to pay pensioners and others low-income families additional aid to help them cope with the price hikes in various food staples like bread and dairy products.

Mass Unknown Virus Infection In Tuben Kama
More than 300 residents of Tuben Kama, among them 127 children, were hospitalized with an unknown gastrointestinal infection over the last five days, Tatar-inform reported. An official from the Sanitary Epidemic Inspection office said in an interview with Tatar Television that the poor quality of drinking water in the area, tainted by harmful chemicals and bacteria, was a possible reason for the infections. Results of tests on samples of water, milk, and other foods will be completed in two weeks.

Power Supply Limited To Debtor Companies
The power supply to nearly 50 enterprises in Tatarstan was reduced on 25 August because of their outstanding debts to Tatarstan's energy company Tatenergo, Tatar Television reported. About 100 other companies will face similar measures if their debts are not paid soon. Among them are the Nizhnekamskneftekhim and Nizhnekamskshina petrochemical companies.

Compiled by Gulnara Khasanova