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Tatar-Bashkir Report: October 4, 1999

4 October 1999
Tatarstan's Interior Bodies Satisfied With Chechens
The head of Kazan's criminal investigation department, Boris Yurlin, said that republican security officials have no problems with the Chechen diaspora in Tatarstan. Yurlin made his comments at a press conference in Kazan on 1 October devoted to the completion of the first stage of the anti-terrorism operation Vikhr. Yurlin said the Chechens living in Tatarstan are law-abiding people. He said that "if any friction arises between us, we settle the problems without delay." Yurlin said that the rise in the number of murders in the republic is a more urgent problem for security officials. This year, the number of murders in Kazan was more than 150, about a 33 percent rise over last year. Yurlin said unspecified measures against the trend will be taken within the framework of the second stage of the anti-terrorism operation.

Fatherland--All Russia Collects Signatures
The electoral bloc Fatherland--All Russia (Otechestvo--Vsya Rossiya) became the first of Russia's electoral movements to turn in signature lists to the Central Election Committee calling for the bloc's federal registration of State Duma deputy candidates. Of the some two million signatures collected by the bloc throughout Russia, more than 100,000 were signed in Tatarstan, Tatar Radio reported. A list of the bloc's candidates from one-mandate okrugs will be introduced to the Central Election Committee in the near future. The bloc, which has been organized with the participation of Tatar President Mintimer Shaimiev, proposed 154 candidates for 225 okrugs. The secretary of the Fatherland--All Russia coordination board, Oleg Morozov, said that the presentation of the candidate list has not been made because some candidates haven't yet confirmed their intent to stand for election.

Call Up In Tatarstan Goes Slowly
Officials from Tatarstan's military recruiting offices said that the call-up of new recruits is not going as good as planned, Tatar Television reported on 3 October. The process of the call-up for military service in the republic was discussed at a meeting of call-up commission members the same day. An especially tense situation was reported to be taking place in the republic's agricultural districts, as unfit recruits were not being accepted for duty.

The call-up in Tatarstan was held up by the republican parliament on 15 September after it protested a measure against the use of newly conscripted soldiers in military situations in Daghestan. But the recruitment resumed on 1 October after the Defense Ministry in Moscow agreed to remove Tatarstan's 1999 draftees from military action.

Compiled by Gulnara Khasanova