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Tatar-Bashkir Report: November 10, 1998

10 November 1998
Tatar President Settling Gas Payment Problems
Tatar President Mintimer Shaimiev was one of several regional leaders of the Russian Federation negotiating with Gazprom General Director Rem Vyakhirev on 9 November about delays in payments for gas. The meeting is to continue on 10 November.

Problems With Clean Water Continue In Nizhnekamsk
Water delivered to Nizhnekamsk can be used for technical purposes only, specialists report, referring to the poor ecological condition of the Kama River. A meeting of Tatarstan's State Council will be held in Nizhnekamsk on 11 November to evaluate the status of the city's water supplies. The only water pumping station in the city is owned by Tatneft Company and it is incapable of providing the city of Nizhnekamsk with clean drinking water. Water for Nizhnekamsk is taken from Kama River and is not properly purified. Tatarstan Radio reports that medics don't consider this water pure enough for the washing of one's hands.

Construction of the second water pumping station launched by the Nizhnekamsk city administration failed due to a lack of funds. A project to lay a water pipeline from neighboring regions of Tatarstan was also discontinued because it was not economicaly feasible.

Tatar Cultural Center To Be Opened in Moscow
World Congress of Tatars representatives visiting Moscow on 7-8 November met with Mayor Yuri Luzhkov and Deputy Mayor Ernest Bagirov. At the meeting, it was agreed that a Tatar national cultural center would be established in Moscow. The city administration offered to place the center in a house built by well-known Tatar merchant Farit Asadullaev in the early 1900s. It was built to serve the needs of local Tatar public organizations. After the revolution the house was used by one of the Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry departments. The future address of the Tatar center in Moscow will be: Maliy Tatarskiy pereulok 8.

Compiled by I.Nurmi