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Tatar-Bashkir Report: December 1, 1998

1 December 1998
KamAZ Shareholders Meet In Moscow
Shareholders of the KamAZ automotive works are holding a meeting on 1 December in Moscow. Tatar media report that a possible shake up of the KamAZ board of directors will be discussed.

Draft Budget Discussed By Local Governments
Local officials in Tatarstan's Boegelme, Yeshel Uzen, Alabuga and Chistay regions held a conference to discuss the republic's 1999 draft budget as submitted by President Mintimer Shaimiev. The federal government recently issued a decree lowering value-added tax (VAT) throughout the Russian Federation. This change will seriously affect Tatarstan's budget since VAT collected in the republic is one of its major sources of revenue.

Increasing Number Of Recruits Unfit For The Military
Tatarstan recruiting officials report that an increasing number of teenagers are unfit for military service, with some 60 percent of all recruits underweight and therefore not allowed to enlist. The Health Commission of the recruiting commissariats reports that malnutrition is the main cause of the problem. The republic's Mother and Children Care Center announced recently that only 45 percent of schoolchildren in Tatarstan eat meat products daily, while 40 percent of them eat dairy products and 35 percent receive fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.

New Political Movement Formed
On 28 November, the Tatar nationalist Ittifak party and the Communist Party of Tatarstan formed a political movement called Omet (Hope). Gabdulla Galiulla, a leader of Muslims in Tatarstan until February, was named the leader of the movement. Omet said it will propose candidates for both the Russian State Duma and the Tatar presidency.

New Measures Against Meat Exports
Premier Rustam Minnikhanov said on 30 November that Tatarstan needs a single policy towards those that illegally export meat. He said that regional administrators would meet on 7 December to develop a program aimed at preventing the illegal exportation of meat, carried out mainly by businessmen from Moscow and St.Petersburg. Minnikhanov stressed that the Tatar Ministry of Internal Affairs needs additional resources in cracking down on the increase in this activity.

Compiled by I.Nurmi