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Tatar-Bashkir Report: October 26, 2000

26 October 2000
Kirienko: Fine If Tatarstan People Elect Shaimiev
25 October

The presidential plenipotentiary representative to the Volga Federal District, Sergei Kirienko, said in an interview with the daily "Nezavisimaya gazeta" on 25 October that the Tatar President Mintimer Shaimiev will be able to ballot to one more term if the Supreme Court or State Duma interpret the term restriction for regional heads as acting only starting from the date of its adoption, on 6 October, 1999. In the district head opinion, "the important thing for Tatarstan is not to violate federal law. When the State Council took a decision on pre-term elections, this was a direct violation. Mintimer Shaimiev appealed to the State Council, and it visely decided to remove the election date." Kirienko said "the only aim we have is to provide priority of federal laws on the whole territory of the Russian Federation." And furtherly, Tatarstan's residents themselves will elect a president, Kirienko continued, and added: "If they elect Shaimiev, it will be splendidly."

Presidential Adviser: Tatarstan Legislation Should Better Suit Europe
24 October

A state adviser to Tatarstan's President, Rafail Khakimov, said in an interview with the daily "Vremya i Dengi" on 24 October that it might be worth for Tatarstan, as well as for Russia, while to bring up their legislation to European standards. Khakimov called the German legislation a "bright sample" for Tatarstan. He said all branches � economics, technical sphere, education, medicine, social policy � have been thought over thoroughly in it, and federal arrangement principle is optimal as well. But it isn't worth hoping that Russia will start orienting among the firsts on foreign experience, Khakimov continued. "They will recollect without fail about their Euro-Asian roots," he added, "and will ruin the good idea in political disputes." In his opinion, the initiative should be "dotted", and it could be fully shown by Tatarstan.

Khakimov who is a member of the commission�for harmonizing federal and republican legislation commented on the process of negotiations. He said it was agreed that the commission will value laws taking into account both constitutions and power-sharing treaty � the fact which is extremely important for Tatarstan. Khakimov said "there are issues which cannot be ceded. It is dangerous to interfere "from outside" with the problems connected to the state languages. No one can encroach upon our resources, land resources, and land on which we live. It is risky to put things in a new order in the state system and to isolate the republic from the connections with the external world. Tatarstan never did anything that could harm Russia."

Tatar-American Bank To Be Opened
20 October

Tatarstan's First Deputy Prime Minister, Ravil Muratov, said that the republic intends to create a regional bank for the development and support of big investments projects at the partnership with the U.S. Ex-Im Bank controlled by the American government, the daily "Vremya novostei" reported on 20 October. Muratov who met with the Ex-Im Bank board chairman James Harman said that Americans are ready to cooperate with Russian regions, including Tatarstan, but only through banks which are clear and transparent for them. That's why the republic needs a new investment bank, he added, since foreign investors will not give money to those currently existing in Tatarstan because "everything is too intricate in them and it is unclear where money appear from and where then disappear." Muratov continued that the republic's leading banks are compelled to finance social programs, often at a loss for them. Foreign bankers, however, don't agree to take risks, so their requirements include transparency of financial flows, a team of managers trusted by constituents and investors, minimum state bodies participation, and allocation of means only into profitable projects. If the requirements are performed, the Ex-Im Bank heads are ready to find investors among big foreign financial funds and banks.

Moscow Tatars Deny Report On Their Presidential Candidate Proposal
23 October

Tatarstan's plenipotentiary representative to the Russian Federation, Nazif Mirikhanov, commented in an interview with Tatar-inform on 23 October on a recent publication by the Russian daily "Noviye Izvestiya" which reported that the Moscow Tatar diaspora proposed its leaders as alternative candidates for Tatarstan presidential elections. The daily named among the nominees former republican officials � Chally mayor Rafgat Altynbayev, state property minister Farid Gazizullin, interior minister Iskander Galimov. Mirikhanov said the publication is "the simple lie, should I say more precisely, libel, opinion, which was imposed using name of Moscow's Tatar organizations." He said the publication is a sample of "black PR propaganda," which was financed by definite circles. The representation has close ties with Tatar organizations, and there weren't common suggestions of the presidential candidacy on the behalf of these organizations," he added. The news agency also cited heads of the Tatars national-cultural autonomies of Moscow and Moscow Oblast, Rasim Akchurin and Ilshat Safargaliev, as calling the information "mendacious."

Tatarstan's Public Movement Backs Putin's Initiatives
20 October

A leader of a recently created public association Sozidaniye, Airat Sharipov, called at a news conference in Kazan to hold a referendum in Tatarstan for recognizing the last State Council elections non-legitimate, the daily "Izvestiya" reported on 20 October. Sharipov commented that a half of the republican parliament members are representatives from local executive bodies, while combination of legislative and executive functions is forbidden by federal legislation. Sharipov said that Sozidaniye initiates the voting where the republic's residents will be asked as well their opinion about the issue of bringing local Constitution into conformity with the Russian main law. And one more question to be asked will concern pre-term elections of the republican legislative authority. Sozidaniye is a young movement which was created in August and hasn't been registered jet. The movement leaders informed about contacts with the supporters from Novosibirsk, Saratov, Marii El and expressed their readiness to perform Russian-wide programs. The daily commented that the association is ready to carry out "Putin's ideas" on the territory of Tatarstan.

Communists Holds Congress
22 October

The Communist Party of Tatarstan (KPRT) announced at its congress in Kazan on 21-22 October that the party remains being in irreconcilable opposition to the republican authorities, the daily "Vremya i dengi" reported. The party's leader, Duma deputy Aleksandr Salii said that communists intend to strive for a change of power in a legitimate constitutional way. The participants confirmed that the requirement of Tatarstan's State Council dismissal is still on the agenda. Salii said in his report to the congress that as a result of internal discords that have continued for several years the republican communist party lost 7,000 its members from 22,000 it had in the beginning of 1990s.

Human Rights Encyclopedia To Be Issued
23 October

A human rights encyclopedia is prepared for publishing by Tatarstan's Human Rights Committee, Efir-Inform reported on 23 October. The information about historical events, famous people and organization connected with the violation or protection of human rights will be included in the book.

Compiled by Gulnara Khasanova