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Moldovan Ambassador To U.S. Hails 'Positive' Senate Resolution

Igor Munteanu
Igor Munteanu
CHISINAU -- Moldova's U.S. ambassador has hailed a U.S. Senate resolution that praises Moldova's democratic progress ahead of general elections on November 28, RFE/RL's Moldovan Service reports.

Igor Munteanu told RFE/RL that the November 18 resolution was quite different from previous U.S. assesments of the developments in his country and recognized the merits of the current government in Chisinau, which is pro-Western.

"In 2009 the [U.S. Congress] resolution asked Moldova to just hold fair elections, but this year it encourages it to continue the democratic reforms...thus accepting the fact that Moldova has transformed itself over the past year," Munteanu said.

The Senate resolution states that "the government of Moldova implemented far-reaching legal reforms to curb corruption, introduce budgetary transparency, and strengthen the capacity of civil society and the media."

The resolution also hails improved ties between Moldova and the European Union.

Moldova's four-party Alliance for European Integration will be challenged by its main rival, the Communist Party, in the upcoming election.

The U.S. Senate resolution is the latest statement in the last few months from Western governments and the EU -- which Moldova wants to join -- to praise the Moldovan government's performance and express hope that the trend continues after the elections.