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A New 'Sedition' On The Way

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
Hard-line blogger Mahdyar Basiji believes that "the sedition" -- a term hard-liners use to describe the Green opposition movement -- is not over.

Have you paid attention to the ring that the supreme leader wears on his finger? The "hadid" [iron in Arabic] ring…

After the unprecedented appearance of the crowd on the February 11 anniversary of the revolution and the suppression of the seditionists in a social dimension, most analysts considered the sedition to be over. ... Over the Internet and cyberspace, the attacks, insults, and illusions have noticeably decreased as compared with the period prior to [Ashura on December 27] and February 11.

During the aforementioned period, there were rumors of the supreme leader’s private meetings with clergy and with civil and military officials of the country. He stated that a greater sedition is on its way and that we ought to be prepared. I gathered from one of his statements that he had warned about a new sedition and its complexity.

Have you ever paid attention to his ring? He always wore a dark red or yellow stone ring. ... You would often see either of the two rings in his photographs. It has numerous medical and spiritual qualities. After his meeting with the Kuwaiti prime minister, the supreme leader was seen wearing a "hadid" ring. It is said that Imam Ali used to wear a similar ring during battles.

We, Hezbollahis, thought the war was over after nine months of fighting, but apparently we ought to equip ourselves for the coming battle.

P.S. Imam Sadegh: I do not consider it wrong to wear a hadid ring when you come across someone you fear, those with evil intentions; the hadid ring drives Satan away.

P.P.S. It is said that Imam Ali used to wear four rings. A ruby ring for his nobility and beauty, a turquoise ring for his help and assistance, hadid for strength, and carnelian for repelling the enemy and misfortune.

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