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Afghan Candidate Hires Carville As Campaign Advisor

James Carville in a 2005 photo
James Carville in a 2005 photo
KABUL -- Afghan presidential candidate Ashraf Ghani has hired U.S. political consultant James Carville to join his campaign team.

Carville was the lead strategist for former U.S. President Bill Clinton during his successful 1992 campaign.

Carville said Ghani, who is currently Afghanistan's finance minister, has an excellent chance of defeating incumbent President Hamid Karzai in elections next month.

The announcement of Carville’s joining Ghani's team came as the former top U.S. commander in Europe, General John Craddock, predicted that Karzai would win the election, but warned that the Afghan people will lose faith in Karzai and his U.S. backers if he does not provide better leadership.