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Aid For Poti, Compensation For Victims

Poti's harbor, awaiting an incoming aid shipment
Poti's harbor, awaiting an incoming aid shipment
7 p.m. local time (3 p.m. GMT)

I've just learned that an American ship, carrying humanitarian aid for those affected by the conflict, will dock in Poti at 5 p.m. tomorrow. Representatives of the Georgian government and the U.S. Embassy are expected to participate in a ceremony to welcome the ship's crew.

I've also learned that families who have had members killed or seriously wounded as a result of the Russian air strikes have received financial support from the Poti Seaport Corporation. The bereaved families received 10,000 laris (approximately $7,000), and those with a wounded member received half that amount.

The chief executive of the Poti Seaport Corporation, Alan Middleton, says the port was significantly damaged during the bombardments. As the seaport represents a commercial enterprise rather than a military site, Middleton says the port might sue the Russian side in an international court over the damage that has been inflicted.