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Azerbaijani Legislator Demands Action On Prosecutor Testimony

Panah Huseyn has demanded a court investigation.
Panah Huseyn has demanded a court investigation.
BAKU-- Azerbaijani parliament member Panah Huseyn has said he will apply to the Supreme Court Council to start an investigation following testimony by former Baku prosecutor Mahir Nagiyev.

Nagiyev, who himself is facing prosecution in a bribery case, testified on January 27 that "he served evil, but not the truth" when he investigated a number of political cases.

Nagiyev led an investigation to close a Karabakh veteran's organization that led demonstrations for more social benefits in 2001, and on the violent clashes in 2003 when more than 300 opposition activists protesting falsified election results were arrested and prosecuted.

Nagiyev said he begs for "forgiveness from people who were innocent but arrested in those cases." Huseyn, one of several opposition leaders arrested in 2003, says he will demand that the court call all people responsible for Nagiyev's actions to testify.

Panah Huseyn, who was one of several opposition leaders arrested after presidential elections in 2003, said he will demand the court to bring all participant of the unjust investigation.

Democratic Party leader Sardar Jalaloglu, who won a case in the European Court of Human Rights after he was tortured during the same investigation, says he is unable to forget Nagiyev's violations of his rights, but he wishes the former prosecutor luck in his own case. "If he apologizes, I forgive him," he said.

Nagiyev's lawyer, Osman Kazimov, who also defended the opposition leaders against the prosecution led by Nagiyev in 2003 and the Karabakh veterans in 2001, says he cannot discriminate against people for their crimes in the past. "It is my professional and human duty to help someone whose rights are being violated today," he said.

Nagiyev was sentenced to five years in prison for bribery, charges he rejected as baseless, saying he is a victim of intrigue between law enforcement agencies and the court.

In a statement on January 29, the Prosecutor-General's Office said that Nagiyev's testimony can't be considered as a serious allegation against the office, as it was made in self-defense.