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Convicted Russian Skinheads On Trial For Racial Attacks

Far-right groups have grown in recent years in Russia
Far-right groups have grown in recent years in Russia
MOSCOW -- Three Russian skinheads jailed for murdering at least 20 Central Asian migrants have gone on trial for attempted murder, RFE/RL's Russian Service reports.

Artur Ryno, Pavel Skachevsky, and Roman Kuzin are accused of the attempted murders of three Central Asians in the Russian capital several years ago.

Ryno and Skachevsky were already sentenced in December 2008 to 10 years in prison for the murders and attempted murders of dozens of Central Asians in Moscow, beginning in 2006, and for fomenting interethnic hatred.

The group they led was found guilty of killing at least 20 non-Slavic people.

Kuzin and four other group members were given sentences of between five and 20 years for their roles in the attacks and killings.

Ten years was the longest sentence possible for Ryno and Skachevsky because they were aged 17 and considered minors at the time of the crimes.

The two said during their first trial that they were on a mission to "cleanse Russian blood."

Investigators revealed recently that the gang may have been involved in the three additional attempted murders. A jury will listen to the evidence from
prosecutors during today's hearing.