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Court Orders Russia To Compensate Families Of Missing Chechens

STRASBOURG -- The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg has ruled that the Russian government must pay 282,000 euros ($373,500) to the relatives of several missing Chechens, RFE/RL's Russian Service reports.

The case was brought to the Court of Human Rights by relatives of people who were detained by Russian soldiers in Chechnya and have not been seen since.

Isa Dokayev, Ruslan Askhabov, and Saydi Malsagov were all detained in 2002. Khanpasha Djabrailov disappeared in 2003. And Abdul-Malik Shakhmurzayev has been since his car was stopped by Russian officers in 2001.

The court ruled says that the Russian authorities are responsible for the presumed deaths of the missing individuals.

Russian officials have not been able to clarify the circumstances of the missing peoples’ disappearance or the reasons for their detention.

News agency RIA Novosti reports that Russia has lost the majority of cases brought against in at the Strasbourg court. Overall, some 20 percent of all complaints made to the court in the past decade have involved Russia.