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Cows Top The Tajik News This Week

Dushanbe residents won’t any longer be allowed to have domestic animals at home -- that is according to a new decision made by Tajik parliamentarians.

The list of banned livestock includes cows, donkeys, horses, and domestic birds. Dushanbe residents are still allowed to keep cats and dogs at home though.

There were mixed reactions from locals. Residents of high-rise buildings welcomed the news, saying they have always been bothered with cows roaming freely in their neighborhoods. Others are seriously displeased with the ban, arguing it takes away their livelihood.

The ban doesn’t go beyond the capital though -- although it wouldn’t apparently make a big difference in the village of Porshnev in the eastern Badakhshan Province.

Because of a lack of horses, donkeys, and bulls, farmers in Porshnev are hiring young men to plow their lands. (Check out the photos from our Tajik Service.)

And finally, a cow has made headlines in the southern town of Kulob this week.

According to the Kulob state insurance office, it was the only animal in town that had insurance.

The cow died this week, leaving its owner with the right to receive the equivalent of $50 from the insurance office.

Officials have paid the money, hoping it would encourage others to insure their livestock.

-- Farangis Najibullah

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