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Elections Validated

The Moldovan Central Election Commission reported at 3 p.m. local time that turnout has passed the 33 percent required to validate today's elections. As of that time, turnout was 33.6 percent.

According to the commission, there are 2.6 million registered voters, 55,000 more than were on the lists for the disputed elections in April. There are 1,987 polling stations.

Parties that pick up at least 5 percent of the vote will gain seats in the new legislature. That figure was 6 percent for the April elections.

There are eight parties vying for the 101 seats in parliament: the Communist Party, the Christian-Democratic Party, the Our Moldova Alliance, the Liberal Party, the Liberal-Democratic Party, the Democratic Party, the Social-Democratic Party, and the green Berde Alliance.

-- Robert Coalson