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Iran's Nobel Peace Laureate Criticizes Polygamy Bill

Shirin Ebadi
Iranian activist and lawyer Shirin Ebadi has criticized a government bill that would ease polygamy laws for Iranian men, AFP reported. Ebadi said the so-called "family protection bill" would bring "moral corruption" to Iranian society.

The bill, due to be discussed soon in the Iranian parliament, would eliminate the need for the consent of a man's first wife if he decides to marry another spouse. Instead, the bill would require men to provide a judicial permit for a second marriage that confirms they can provide financially for the new wife and that both wives will be treated equally.

But Ebadi said that these conditions were not enough, describing the bill as "tyranny," not only against women but also against men. The law implies that "if you have become rich overnight, no matter how, you can legalize your desires," she said. "Isn't it an insult to men and wouldn't it shake the foundation of family?"