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Report: Iranian Activist Transferred To Tough Prison

Emad Bahavar
Emad Bahavar
Jailed Iranian political activist Emad Bahavar has been transferred to a prison known for its harsh regime, his mother has told RFE/RL's Radio Farda.

Tahereh Taherian said her son was transferred to Rejaee Shahr prison for refusing to make a televised confession to his interrogators.

Rejaee Shahr is located in Karaj, just west of Tehran. Bahavar had previously been held at Evin prison in northwestern Tehran.

Both are known for their harsh conditions, but Rejaee Shahr inmates face an even tougher regime. Whereas almost all inmates of Evin are political prisoners, in Rejaee Shahr political prisoners are frequently put in cells with common criminals.

Bahavar has led the youth wing of the Freedom Movement of Iran, which supports Iranian opposition leader and former presidential candidate Mir Hussein Musavi.

Bahavar, who is accused of spreading propaganda against the Islamic establishment, was last taken into custody on March 1. This was the fourth time he had been arrested since the disputed presidential election last June.

Taherian said her son faced intense pressure by his interrogators.

"Emad was misinformed that his wife had been arrested and that I had suffered a stroke and been taken to hospital," Taherian told RFE/RL. "Nevertheless, he did not comply by making the televised confession."

It is not uncommon in Iran for prisoners to make televised confessions in political cases. Those who refuse to do so may face harsher punishment.