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Iranian Politician Says Reformist Party's Ban 'Totally Illegal'

Azar Mansouri was sentenced to three years in prison on March 15.
Azar Mansouri was sentenced to three years in prison on March 15.
Former Iranian parliament deputy Fatemeh Haghighatjou has harshly criticized the decision by Iran's judiciary to ban activities by the major reformist Islamic Iran Participation Front, RFE/RL's Radio Farda reports.

Haghighatjou told RFE/RL that the move against the party is just one of numerous legal violations during the nine months since Iran's controversial presidential election.

"After the crackdown on individuals and the press, now it is the political parties' turn," she said. "The leadership wants to silence everyone."

Haghighatjou characterized the move against the reformist party as a "political decision," not a judicial one, and therefore said it is "totally illegal."

The Islamic Iran Participation Front supported former presidential candidate Mir Hossein Musavi during Iran's controversial election last June.

A number of high-ranking members of the party, which is close to former reformist President Mohammad Khatami, were detained after the presidential vote.

The deputy head of the party, Azar Mansouri, was sentenced on March 15 to three years in prison.