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Iraq Says It Will Be Ready For Arab League Summit

The flag of the Arab League
The flag of the Arab League
BAGHDAD -- Iraq should begin preparing for the 2010 Arab League summit by ensuring that accommodation and security measures are in place, a senior government official has said.

Deputy Foreign Minister Muhammad Hajj Hammud told RFE/RL's Radio Free Iraq (RFI) that Iraq is due to host the 2010 summit according to Arab League rules in which the annual state meetings rotate in alphabetical order.

Hammud added that improved security and other accomplishments within society confirm that Iraq is capable of hosting such a major event.

But he said that accommodating the delegations from the Arab League's 22 members and ensuring their security would be a challenge for any state and Iraq should immediately start preparing for the event.

Hammud said that objections to Iraq hosting the 33rd Arab League summit are unlikely, since it is Iraq's turn and it would be premature to raise security concerns.