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June 21 Voicemails To Radio Farda

Tehran on June 20
Tehran on June 20
Voicemails submitted in Persian to Radio Farda on June 21.

Please begin negative resistance because they have no mercy or justice. Do not waste your energy; challenge in the long term. Go for a strike, but do not go for face-to-face fight, because the sword is in the hands of a crazy enemy. Start negative resistance, think about the long-term fight. Good luck.

I just phoned you to tell the police forces: Well done, your brutality. Don't you really think that they are your mother your sister, your brother. It's shame on you.

I tell the police force: Do not lose God's mercy because of the regime. I feel deep sympathy for Neda (a woman whose apparent death after being shot in the chest has been widely circulated on the Internet); I want to say to Neda's sister that we were also dead when we saw that picture.

This theocratic extreme government has no mercy for its people; just imagine what will happen if they get nuclear power. If they get nuclear power, they will destroy the world.

I'm calling you from Mashhad. I wanted to say that if Mr. Khamenei supports this fraud, it's because he took power by fraud as well. The most important factor for a leader is that the leader should be in the highest rank of theology, while he was not in that stage; only four clerics who were pursuing their own interests gave him the title of ayatollah and made him the [supreme] leader -- so this is natural if he support Mr. Ahmadinejad.

I am calling you from Urumiyeh [in northwest Iran]. Mr. Khamenei said in his Friday Prayers speech that he has little honor. I want to say that he lost that little honor by supporting Mr. Ahmadinejad.

I am calling you from Qom [near Tehran]. My husband will not allow me to go to Tehran [to protest], but I constantly wish [the best] for the protesters and the liberation of my country from the regime.

I ask Mr. Musavi to stop talking about Islamic government, Islamic revolution, and all the problems that come from this Islamic system. We have been suppressed by this Islamic system for 1,400 years.