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Mohammad Reza And Sara

Mohammad Reza from Tehran

Last night two friends and I were standing first in Tehran Pars square, about five hundred security agents with uniforms and batons were coming who were shouting "Heydar, Heydar" [Editor's note: a rallying cry]. Immediately a huge number of security motorbikes attacked us as we did nothing but stand. They beat us so hard without saying anything; my shoulder was injured and my brother was bleeding so badly. We begged them not to hit us. Oh, God tell us what to do!

Sara from Tehran
I need to mention 2 points
First, I was in 3, 4 voting places, 80 percent of voters only wanted to vote to keep Ahmadinejad out of office, ( because of last 4 years and security forces in city).
Second, we urged the EU, Americans, and British government that -- if you see us fighting with empty hands against batons and the brutality of the security forces -- at least expel the Iranian ambassadors from your countries. I saw a girl last night who was beaten so hard by special security forces that I could feel her pain from afar.