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Moscow To Allow Ultranationalist March

Young nationalists at a rally orhanized by the Movement Against Illegal Immigration (DPNI) and the Slavic Union movement in Moscow, 2009
MOSCOW -- Moscow officials have granted permission to Russian ultra-nationalist groups to hold a so-called "Russian March" on November 4, RFE/RL's Russian Service reports.

An organizer of the march, banned Slavic Union movement leader Dmitry Dyomushkin, told RFE/RL that the activists will march from Lyublino subway station in the southeastern part of the city to the Square of the Fatherland's Soldier.

He said up to 10,000 people will take part.

The Slavic Union is one of the country's most ultra-nationalist movements, and its members are known to be rabidly against non-Slavic foreigners and immigrants.

Ultra-nationalist groups have been trying to hold a "Russian March" on November 4 for several years, but Moscow authorities have consistently denied them permission.

Attempts to hold an unsanctioned "Russian March" have ended in clashes between police and the marchers.