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My Father Was A Revolutionary Guard

Blogger Aghle Sorkh (Red Reason) remembers his father’s time as a member of the powerful Revolutionary Guard:

My father was a revolutionary guard. But he was one of those who would kill himself over his uniform and boots, and count his rank every day. He was a revolutionary right from the outset; right from the day when the formation of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps was decreed. But he never kicked a house’s door open, nor did he bow and implore his commander for a few days of leave or to cut short his stay at the war front.

My father was not crazy about attaining martyrdom. He got what he wanted after eight years and it was the beginning of a sweet life. But he fought knowing that he might be killed at any instant.

When they were sent to Majnoon Island with few weapons, my father would take pictures and play soccer, he would wear eau de cologne, and it was very important for him to wear well-ironed shirts and trousers. He wouldn’t enjoy killing people, but they were at war and it was no joke. He had to kill in order to avoid getting killed.

My father was a revolutionary guard, but he never sold his honor.

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