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NGO In Belarus Complains Of Governmental Pressure

MINSK -- The nongovernmental organization Moving Forward in Belarus has told RFE/RL's Belarus Service it is coming under pressure from the authorities.

The NGO's deputy director, Nina Pakhlopka, told RFE/RL that the Minsk Economic Court plans to start hearings into the possible closure of Moving Forward on June 10.

She said the organization is charged with providing an incorrect address when applying for official registration.

"That is not true, because we showed our current address -- Masherau Avenue, 54 -- and we did not violate any laws," Pakhlopka said.

The group raises awareness of social problems and aims to educate people about their rights.

On May 18, police searched the Minsk offices of Moving Forward and the apartments of more than 20 activists of the “Tell the Truth" campaign organized by Moving Forward. Police confiscated computers, documents, and cash.

The organization's director, Uladzimer Nyaklyaeu, and activists Syarhey Vaznyak and Andrey Dzmitryeu were detained and spent three days behind bars on suspicion of "distributing false information about goods and services." None of them has been officially charged.

Officials at Minsk's Lenin District Internal Affairs Department declined to give RFE/RL any information about the case, saying that the investigation is continuing.

The confiscated computers, documents, and money have not yet been returned.