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Russians Mark 15th Anniversary Of Journalist's Assassination

Vladislav Listyev (file photo)
Vladislav Listyev (file photo)
MOSCOW -- Russians today are marking the 15th anniversary of the unsolved murder of the country's most-popular television journalist, Vladislav Listyev, RFE/RL's Russian Service reports.

Listyev, 38, was shot dead on March 1, 1995, next to his apartment, one month after having been appointed general director of Russia's First Public Television Channel.

One of the first decrees after his appointment was the suspension of all television advertisements and commercials on Russian television.

His assassins did not take a briefcase he was carrying that was reportedly filled with a large amount of cash.

Listyev became prominent in the late 1980s and early 1990s for his popular television shows "Vzglyad" (The Glance), "Pole chudes" (The Field of Miracles), "Chas pik" (Rush Hour), and "Tema" (The Theme).

Russian President Boris Yeltsin vowed after Listyev's killing to do everything to find the journalist's killers, though they have never been found.