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Sochi Residents Caught In Russian Olympic Relocation

Partly demolished buildings stand on Sochi's waterfront, where new construction is set to begin.
SOCHI, Russia -- Hundreds of residents of the Russian Black Sea city of Sochi are being relocated to make way for the construction of new facilities for the 2014 Winter Olympics, RFE/RL's Russian Service reports.

An estimated 50 families are affected by the plans.

While some of the people being relocated from Sochi's upscale Imeretniki district are receiving monetary compensation for their homes, others are getting new homes from the government.

Some of those being relocated told RFE/RL they are happy to move to the new homes, but others said they will not move until authorities compensate them for the disparity in the value of their old homes and the new ones being offered to them.

Other families said they had selected certain house plans with specific details for their new homes only to find out that the houses they thought they were moving into are being given to different families.

Still others who were initially told they must move out of their homes have since been told they will not be moving after all, since construction plans at the proposed Olympic sites have been downscaled.