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Workers In Iraqi Kurdistan Getting U.S. Training

BAGHDAD -- The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has conducted courses in Iraq's Kurdish autonomous region that have trained thousands of government employees.

Hamid Diari, the USAID coordinator in the Kurdish region, told RFE/RL's Radio Free Iraq (RFI) that since 2006 more than 14,000 local government personnel have taken USAID-organized training courses in the region’s three provinces of Irbil, Suleymaniyah, and Duhok.

Diari added that 95 such training courses will be held in Iraq through a USAID project through 2011.

The latest course ended on July 1 at Duhok University as 30 government employees completed an information technology class.

Lecturer Subhi Zebari told RFI that the objective of the training courses is to develop an efficient bureaucracy that provides good public services.

Sulav Salih told RFI that she found the course useful for her job at a local state-owned bank.