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Swine Flu Death Toll Rises In Ukraine

Swine flu fears in Kyiv
Swine flu fears in Kyiv
KYIV -- Four more Ukrainians have been confirmed to have died of swine flu, with more than 70 other respiratory deaths still being investigated, RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service reports.

Ukrainian Health Ministry official Oleksandr Belovol said today that the number of flu patients in the country is 450,000, though it has not been determined how many of those people are suffering from swine flu.

He added that additional flu medicine arrived in the country on October 28.

On November 1, Tamiflu was delivered to Kyiv from Switzerland and Ukrainian clinics began distributing the medicine for free.

A World Health Organization delegation came to Kyiv this week to discuss the situation in the country and possible measures to tackle the spread of the flu virus.

Ukrainian authorities declared last week that there was a swine-flu epidemic in the country.

Neighboring Russia and Slovakia announced that they have increased medical monitoring of people crossing the border with Ukraine.