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Tajik Census Form Will Have No Religious Questions

DUSHANBE -- When Islamic Renaissance Party head and Tajik parliament member Muhiddin Kabiri proposed adding a question about religion to the country's new census form, other parliamentary members said it would violate Tajikistan's recently passed law on religion.

Another parliamentary member, Mahmad Zabirov, said Tajiks are not religiously tolerant enough for such a question and that it would only cause problems.

Parliament's lower house approved the draft census form on April 22 without any religious questions on it.

Parliamentarian Jabbor Ahmadov, a coauthor of the the census form, told RFE/RL's Tajik Service that the census will be taken every 10 years.

Tajikistan's last census was in 2001 and the next one is projected to take place in 2011.