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'Tehran Is Unbearable Without Khamenei'

Blogger Hadi Sajadpour from “The Notebook Without Lines” is longing for Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei to return to the Iranian capital from his visit to Qom:

A friend from Qom said, in a way that was clear he was showing off: Agha [meaning sir, a reference to Khamenei] has gone to Qom, with what hope have you stayed in Tehran?

For a second I didn’t know what to say…because I didn’t want to run short of arguments in front of the Qom crowd. I said: Agha is in Tehran [all the time], he’s gone to Qom for a few days to be the guest of Hazrat Massoumeh [sister of Imam Reza whose shrine is located in Qom], what does it have to do with you?

The truth is that there is no answer to a good argument. Tehran is unbearable without agha; one can feel it from the mood and atmosphere these days.

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