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U.S. Soldiers Still In Southern Iraqi City

Iraqi soldiers on patrol in the city of Amarah
Iraqi soldiers on patrol in the city of Amarah
AMARAH, Iraq -- U.S. soldiers continue to work with their Iraqi counterparts in the capital city of the country's southeastern Maysan province, Amarah, despite the recent withdrawal of U.S. troops from cities, RFE/RL's Radio Free Iraq reports.

Maysan Governor Muhammad Shi'a explained that the joint security pact authorizing the troop withdrawal allows U.S. military personnel to be embedded with Iraqi forces for coordination and training purposes, even in cities.

Shi'a added that U.S. forces provide support for the provincial reconstruction team (PRT) that is implementing projects in the city center and other districts.

Six civilians have been injured by attacks targeting U.S. military personnel in the province since the U.S. pullout from cities on June 30.

Major General Richard Nash, the U.S. commander for the south, described the cooperation as a "partnership with the Iraqis" and told reporters today that "Iraqis are the sole beneficiaries of these [PRT] projects."