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Uzbek Officials Telling Villagers About Daily Food Rations

A family in Andijon, Uzbekistan
A family in Andijon, Uzbekistan
ANDIJON, Uzbekistan -- Authorities in parts of Uzbekistan's eastern Andijon region have started telling people how much food they should eat, RFE/RL's Uzbek Service reports.

Villagers in Maslakhat, in Andijon's Oltinkul district, told RFE/RL that local government officials visited every house in the village this week to give them advice on the amount of food every household should be consuming per day, week, and month.

One man said officials gave printouts with detailed information on the recommended rations. The instructions say a person should consume 38 grams of raisins, 300 grams of vegetables, 82 grams of tomatoes, 110 grams of meat, and 384 grams of milk per day.

Another villager told RFE/RL that the idea is "crazy and ridiculous." He said he cannot afford to buy the recommended rations for the eight members of his family. "They say one person should consume over 3.5 kilos of meat per month, but my whole family of eight eats just one kilogram of meat per month," he said.

A local official named Azizbek told RFE/RL that the introduction of rations for every family in the village was done based on instructions from the central government and the presidential administration.