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Victims Of 1999 Apartment Blast Commemorated In Moscow

People light candles to mark the 10th anniversary of the bombing.
MOSCOW -- The 92 victims of a blast in an apartment block in Moscow in 1999 have been commemorated on the 10th anniversary of the tragedy, RFE/RL's Russian Service reports.

Relatives and friends of the victims observed a minute of silence at the spot where the apartment used to stand at 11:58 p.m. September 8, the exact time that a huge explosion destroyed the apartment building on Guryanov Street.

Also in 1999 -- just five days after the explosion, on September 13 -- another blast on Moscow's Kashirskoye highway destroyed another apartment block, killing 124 people.

In 2004, Adam Dekkushev and Yusuf Krymshamkhalov were found guilty of carrying out the violent acts and sentenced to life in prison.

Those who organized and planned the attacks have not been found.

Some people believe the blasts, blamed on Caucasian militants, were used by the Russian government to build support for the second war in Chechnya.