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Voicemail To Radio Farda

Voicemail messages left for Radio Farda on June 19:

Azadeh from Bandar Abbas (southern Iran):
I want to ask you something, please put our opinion on your radio because the Ahmadinejad supporters have all state media and almost all press, we have nothing but you, so at least leave this part for us. I have a message for Ahmadinejad's supporters: this person [Ahmadinejad] can simply call his people "dirt," or rebels, or rubbish. This is not acceptable in any democratic government when a president insult his opponents like that.

Amir from Semnan (northeastern Iran):
Mr. Khamenei, you said before that a group of rebels began to support the candidates and they disturb public order. In fact, these groups are those Basiji and Revolutionary Guards and plainclothes security forces who beat people with baton and also kill them.

The silent majority is those people who presented the country to the mullahs. I hope this time, this majority comes out in the streets and shows the government that they will not accept this situation anymore. Khamenei's speech showed today at Friday Prayers that he still supports Ahmadinejad.