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Voices Of Moldovan Prisoners -- In One Minute

"Who's To Blame?" by Constantin

Several young prison inmates in Moldova have produced one-minute films in which they share their experiences, fears, and hopes for a better future. The teenagers, all detained at Lipcani prison, took part in a UNICEF-sponsored program called oneminutesjr, during which they learned to tell their personal stories and shoot and edit video.

Children and teens from around the world have participated in the initiative, which aims to give underprivileged or marginalized young people the opportunity to express themselves and share their ideas. Moldova’s Justice Ministry and Department of Penitentiary Institutions brought the project to the juvenile detention center in Lipcani as part of measures to promote rehabilitation and social inclusion.

Speaking at the start of the video workshop, UNICEF representative Alexandra Yuster said the organization "wants to give to children in detention the opportunity to tell the general public and decision makers what issues concern them and what…they need in order to begin a new better life.” She continued: “Children that are here have the same rights as others, they dream of a future, they make plans, think of their [loved ones] and we want to help their voices be heard."

Videos courtesy of oneminutesjr.

"Working On My Future" by Vasile, age 16

"Amen" by Andrei, age 17

"Affection," by Nicolae