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What's More Important, A Car Or A Husband?

Blogger Zahra writes about an instance of the family pressure on Iranian girls and women to get married.

Location: My room, where I was under two quilts to avoid the cold from reaching me.

Time: Today, about 6 in the morning.

My cell phone started ringing. I found it, after going through a lot of trouble, and thinking that it was the alarm (the tone for both is same). I pressed reject.

Less than a minute later, it started ringing again and I saw my grandmother's home number. I got scared that something bad might have happened that they were calling me this early.

Me: Hi, Grandma, Is there something wrong?

Grandma: I heard you went to check out some cars with your uncle the other day. Do you want to buy a car?

Me: Yes, I want to but I haven't bought any yet. For God's sake, come to the point. Is everyone okay?

Grandma: No, what worse than this could have happened? You want to spend millions on a piece of metal scrap? You've worked this hard and now you want to waste it over a car? You can get a husband with this money!!

What's more important for your future?! You can get a car whenever you'd want to. Why don't you use this money to get yourself a husband?!!

Just imagine the look on my shocked and sleepy face.

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