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Military Maneuver Or Flyby Gone Awry? Dramatic Footage Of Afghan Chopper Crash

Dramatic video of a U.S. military helicopter crashing in Afghanistan is just now making the rounds online.

The video shows an AH-64 Apache helicopter swooping extremely low over an outpost in the snowy mountains of southeastern Paktika Province on February 6.

The website says the pilot was attempting a maneuver called a "return to target," although less military-savvy viewers would be forgiven for thinking that the pilot(s) are hot-dogging it for the delight of their buddies.

Laughter and a "Hell, yeah!" can be heard from the folks watching on the ground before the crash and then "Oh, God" and some other choice words after the impact.

Incredibly, officials of the U.S.-led coalition in Afghanistan say no one on the ground was injured (although how the man standing in the snow at :23 seconds managed to duck in time is beyond me) and that the helicopter crew survived the incident, which is under investigation.

The $20 million helicopter wasn't so lucky, I'm guessing.

-- Grant Podelco

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