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Georgian Muslims Protest 'Desecration' Of Future Madrasah In Ajara

Muslims in Georgia condemned what they called the "desecration" of a planned Islamic school after a pig's head was nailed to the door of a building that is expected to house a madrasah.

The pig's head was found affixed to the door of the building in the city of Kobuleti in the Ajara region on September 10.

Jemal Paksadze, the mufti of the Georgian Muslims' Directorate, said on September 11 that those behind the incident should be held responsible.

Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili called the incident "a provocation" and urged law enforcement agencies to investigate.

The deputy head of Kobuleti municipality, Irakli Tsetskhladze, said on September 10 that most people in the neighborhood are Orthodox Christians and the opening of madrasah in that part of the city might lead to tension.

Georgia is predominantly Orthodox Christian but Ajara, which borders Turkey in the southwest, is home to many Muslims.