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Algeria's Ruling Party Wins Vote, Islamists Lose Ground

Newly released official results show that Algeria's ruling party has won 220 of the 462 mandates in parliamentary elections.

Interior Minister Daho Ould Kablia told a news conference that the National Liberation Front improved its share of power from 136 to 220 seats in the national assembly, which was enlarged from 389 to 462.

An electoral alliance of moderate Islamists that held 59 seats in the outgoing assembly and four other Islamist parties taking part in the election could only gather a combined score of 66 mandates.

The National Rally for Democracy (RND) of Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia, a nationalist party close to the military, was second with 68 seats.

The results, which have yet to be confirmed by the constitutional council, mean the FLN and the RND could form a majority without the Islamists.

Based on reporting by AFP and Reuters