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Rights Groups Demand Respect For Uzbek Rights

Wreckage on the streets on Andijon following the police crackdown in which an unknown number of unarmed protesters were killed.
Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have urged the European Union and the United States to revise their relationships with the Uzbek government in light of Tashkent's enduring poor record on rights.

The human rights groups released separate statements to mark the seventh anniversary of the 2005 massacre in Andijon, in which hundreds of people were shot dead.

The rights organizations said that seven years later, the EU and the United States have yet to hold the Uzbek government accountable for the massacre and for the repression of government opponents that continues to this day.

On May 13, 2005, Uzbek security forces killed scores of protesters in Andijon and persecuted and jailed many afterward.

The exact number of dead remains unknown, but some reports say hundreds were killed.

The EU imposed sanctions against Uzbekistan in response, but gradually eased the measures.