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Armenia Police Chief Says Protesters Will Be Prosecuted

YEREVAN -- Armenia's police chief Vladimir Gasparian says demonstrators accused of violating public order during protests over the killing of a family near Russia's military base in the South Caucasus nation will be prosecuted.

The statement reversed a promise from lawmakers that demonstrators would not be prosecuted.

National police chief Vladimir Gasparian told journalists in Yerevan on January 28 that demonstrators are being summoned to police and questioned in an effort to find the organizers of the protests.

On January 15, thousands of demonstrators demanded a Russian soldier accused of killing svene members of a family near the Russian base in the northwestern town of Gyumri be handed over and tried in an Armenian court. The rally in Gyumri ended in violent clashes.

Ruling-party lawmakers who urged protesters to halt their demonstration on January 15 had promised they would not be prosecuted.