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Azerbaijanis Arrested In Russia's Daghestan After Clashes With Police At Border

A local official said 93 Azerbaijanis had been detained.

Dozens of Azerbaijani citizens have been arrested in Russia's North Caucasus region of Daghestan after hundreds of Azerbaijani men stuck near the Russian-Azerbaijani border clashed with local police.

The governor of Daghestan's southern district of Magaramkent, Farid Akhmedov, said on June 18 that hundreds of Azerbaijanis stranded along the border because of the coronavirus lockdown clashed with local law enforcement after they demanded their expedited repatriation.

"NInety-three Azerbaijani citizens were detained, of whom 80 were taken in and placed under 10-day arrest," Akhmedov said.

Daghestani officials said that nine police officers were injured and five police vehicles were destroyed during the violence, which was quelled after officials called in additional police troops and security forces to the area.

Local investigators have launched a probe into the assaulting of police and inflicting damage on state property.

Daghestani prosecutor Aleksei Yezhov said he had taken the investigation under his personal control.

A state delegation from Azerbaijan that arrived after the clashes has been assisting local government to repatriate its stranded citizens.

With reporting by Caucasian Knot and Interfax