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Baghdad Car Bomb Kills At Least 12 Shi'ite Pilgrims

Iraqi police say a car bomb targeting Shi'ite pilgrims in Baghdad has killed at least 12 people.

The attack took place on November 2 as people were delivering food and water to Shi'ite pilgrims heading to the holy city of Karbala to mark the religious festival of Ashura.

Police said the blast wounded at least 20 people.

Iraq is bracing for more sectarian attacks against Shi'a during Ashura, which marks the death of Imam Hussein, the Prophet Muhammad's grandson and one of the most revered figures in Shi'ite Islam.

Sunni militants frequently target Shi’a, who they consider to be heretics.

The attack came a day after several bombings in Baghdad killed at least 20 people.

Among those attacks was car bomb that detonated near a tent serving refreshments to Shi'ite pilgrims preparing to travel to Karbala.

Based on reporting by Reuters, AP, and AFP