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Reputed Balkan crime boss, Naser Kelmendi, has been arrested in Kosovo's capital, Pristina, on an international arrest warrant.

Police detained Kelmendi late on May 5 along with a second suspect.

Kelmendi has long been suspected of drug and cigarette smuggling, human trafficking, money laundering, and loan-sharking.

KELMENDI PROFILE: 'Kingpin' Designation Points To Official Protection For Reputed Balkan Crime Boss

In June 2012, U.S. President Barack Obama added Kelmendi to a list of suspected "narcotics kingpin" targeted with sanctions mandated by a U.S. law.

Kelmendi has been investigated in Bosnia-Herzegovina in connection with more than a dozen charges but has never been brought to trial.

A Sarajevo court issued an arrest warrant last year for Kelmendi as part of a broader case in which he is suspected of having ordered the murder of a rival.

Kelmendi, a Kosovo-born Albanian, has Bosnian citizenship and owns numerous businesses with family members throughout the Balkans.

With additional reporting by Reuters