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Belarusian Jailed Over Bungee-Jumping Death

Yauhen Lapanovich died after jumping from a 70-meter-high smokestack in the town of Sosny, near Minsk, when the cord broke.

A man offering bungee-jumping services in Belarus has been sentenced to three years in prison following the death of one of his clients.

A court in Minsk handed down the sentence against 27-year-old Alyaksey Nikitchanka on January 23, after finding him guilty of causing death by negligence.

On June 18 last year, Yauhen Lapanovich, also 27, used the services provided by Nikitchanka's company and jumped with a cord from the 70-meter-high smokestack in the town of Sosny, near Minsk.

The cord broke and he died at the site.

Lapanovich’s bride witnessed the tragedy, which occurred hours after his marriage proposal.

The case raised questions about the bungee-jumping industry in Belarus, which is not governed by any specific regulation and is not controlled by any legal body.

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